HDMLA 2018 Exciting News…

HDLMA is excited to announce some great changes that have and impact on our 2018 season. Due to a resurgence of our development program over the last 4 years, it had had a direct affect on our Rep program with the younger age levels. Last year was bitter sweet with increased enrollment for Rep tryouts at both Tyke and Novice. The bitter part was there was no infrastructure to keep those kids wishing to play Rep in our program. This year HDLMA will be putting 2 teams in at both Tyke and Novice. Keeping in mind that we are looking for long-term development of our Athletes it was decided collective to go with a Major / Minor program for both these age groups. If we are able to continue to grow the program and have multiple entries at peewee/ bantam/ midget, then at that point the association would go with a Team 1 and Team 2 system, for those ages groups but continue as Major/minor at Tyke and Novice.

What is the difference between Major/ Minor and Team 1 and Team 2

Major/ Minor:

– Only one birth year per term, in the Tyke age group this year the Major team will be all born in 2010 and the minor team will be born in 2011.

– Individual and team development

– Ability to stay with your own age group during key development years

Team 1 Team 2:

– The top 11-15 players make up the number 1 team

Hawks Visit Rock

On Friday March 30th (Easter weekend), the Rock will be hosting the Mammoth at 7:30 pm and the Hawks will have 2 teams representing us in the pre-game fun scrimmage.

We are looking for 2017 Tyke and Novice aged players which we will divide into green vs white. We must sell 100 tickets to take advantage of the floor time. Please share with family and friends so we can participate!

Lower bowl adult $31

Lower bowl youth $21

Upper general $16

Please email Carolyn cfrancis@vianet.ca with number of tickets requested, lower or upper bowl and if you have a child (player) able to participate. I will need payment by etransfer and ticket numbers before March 16th.

*I will send more information for participants in early March.

PLEASE NOTE: OMHA championship playdowns conclude on March 30th so unless your player is playing in game 5 of championship round on that date hockey should be completed prior to March 30th.

2018 Winter Skills & Drills

Registration is now online for this program!

*Please note it’s called “Try Lacrosse”


This is the same link as last year.  When you are registering you need to sign up as NEW MEMBER, unless you have played field lacrosse in the last 2 years, then you will use that login.  There is only one login for all our registration this year.  Once the rest of the registration is ready you will be able to go to the registration drop down and sign up for field or box (not ready yet).  There is a user Manuel on the registration page if you are having any troubles creating an account or registering.

If you have any further questions please contact Keri @ blackkeri@hotmail.com